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Leather Wet End Processing Chemicals

Leather Processing Chemicals are formulated to handle the needs of initial tanning stages that involves conversion of raw material to tanned hides. Here, our expertise lies in ensuring each of the solutions offered by us under this deliver innovative processing as well as also meet the demands of safeguarding the surrounding environment.

The pure and accurate formulation standards also help in adding in these chemicals maximum performance values which in turn results in quality leather production. Based on innovative approach and latest technology, these add value to the processed leather as well as reduce environmental impact of tanneries. The range comprises Bactericide Agents, Degreasing Agents, Detergent and other Auxiliaries, Synthetic Tanning Agents, Replacement Products and Enzymes.

Bactericide Agents
ARICID 20M - Microbiocide for Wet Blue Leather
ARICID 30WK - Microbiocide for Wet Blue Leather
ARICID D10 - Bactericide in powder form
ARIOL 234 - For soaking, Liming & degreasing
ARIOL 342 - Wetting Product for soaking & liming
ARUGA M Conc. product for ecological liming
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Degreasing Agents
ARIOL L100 Conc. Degreasing Agent
ARIOL M9X Conc. Degreasing Agent
AMARLIX NEI LIQUID Nonionic Degreaser
AMARLIX EI LIQUID Solvent Base Degreasing Agent
ARIOL M Degreasing, wetting, Dispersing Product
ARIPOL ML Ecological Degreasing Auxiliary
ARIPOL M300 Super Conc., degreasing product
ARIOL ABI LIQ degreasing agent, Detergent & other auxiliaries
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Detergent and other Auxiliaries
ARILIX A LIQUID Detergent, wetting agent with multipurpose chargabilities
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Tanning Agents
ARITAN A7 – Resin Based filler syntan
ARITAN AG50 LIQUID  - polymeric reactive syntan
ARITAN A540 - Acrylic polymer syntan
ARITAN MXT -  Oxazolidine tanning agent
ARITAN SM LIQUID -  Styrene Maleic resin
ARITAN LSI LIQUID -  Resin retanning agent for good grain tightening effect
ARITAN GSI LIQUID -  Resin retanning agent for chrome and combination tanned leather
ARITAN NG LIQUID -  Neutralizing syntan with buffering properties
ARITAN RT LIQUID -  ARITAN RT is replacement tanning agent for white tannings, when used along with the vegetable tanning it accelerates the tanning process and improves the Feels of the leather with a light level shade.
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Replacement Products
ARITAN WE – Vegetable extract substitute syntan (wattle extract)
ARITAN IM – Substitution syntan of vegetable extract
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ARILIME – Ecofriendly, Liming Agent
ARISOAK - Soaking Agent
ARIZYME DEFAT – Defating Agent
ARIZYME DEGREASER – Degreasing Agent
ARIZYME A.W. – Antiwrinkling Agent
ARIBATE A – Acid Bating Agent
ARIBATE B – Acid Bating Agent
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