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New Speciality Textile Chemicals

We are into providing supreme quality new specialty textile chemicals which are widely demanded in textile industries for dyeing, bleaching, conditioning, printing and finishing applications. Our new specialty textile chemicals are also used as fixing agent for colors in dyeing of nylon, leveling agent for nylon, leveling agent for dyeing of nylon, washing assistant for polyester, leveling and stripping agent for disperse dyes on polyester, cationic softener, fixing agent for anionic dyes, dispersant for dyeing, carrier and swelling agent for polyester fiber.

Anti Microbial Treatment Chemicals

Our anti microbial treatment chemicals are extensively used for treatment of fabrics and protect them from the action of microbial. These anti microbial treatment chemicals can be of various types such as antifungal and antibacterial. These are checked for quality under various predefined norms of the industry. These anti microbial treatment chemicals are processed under the supervision of our talented professionals by using quality chemicals.

Name of Compound Main Characteristics & Application
ARITEX ASO -10 Anti- microbial and Ani-odour Finishing Agent
ARITEX AM-30 Anti – Microbial treatment via exhaust dyeing treatment of polyester, nylon and its blend textile
ARITEX AS-1 Anti –dustmite and Anti – microbial finishing agent
ARITEX AM-10 Anti – mosquito Hygiene Finishing agent
ARITEX IF-814 Far – infrared Finishing Agent
ARITEX MP-AI-100 New-type Moth-Proofing Agent for wool
ARITEX UV-P Anti – UV finishing Agent
ARITEX NIF – 350 Negative Ionic finishing Agent
ARITEX UV – 130 Sunlight- Fastness Improver
ARITEX DEO-92 Deodorization finishing Agent
ARITEX SILVER – ET Anti – microbial Agent
ARITEX AR-255 Sunwarmer finishing Agent
ARITEX AMAF -20 Anti – microbial and Anti-fungal finishing Agent
ARITEX AMAF – 48 Anti – microbial and anti-fungal finishing Agent
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Aromatic Micro Capsule Agent

This aromatic micro capsule agent is used to give excellent fragrance to the garments. It is extensively used for living goods like curtain, towel, carpet, bedclothes and tablecloth and also for various other clothing like hat, gloves, bag, scarf, socks, shoes etc. This aromatic micro capsule agent is made available in different odor types such as rose, lavender, jasmine, lemon, aloe, chrysanthemum, clove, menthe, flower, grapefruit, chocolate, leather flavor and cologne flavor.

New Speciality Products

Our company has gained expertise and has vast industrial experience in offering new specialty products. These new specialty products are extensively demanded in different textile industries for coloring, finishing, bleaching and dyeing applications. These are efficiently packed to ensure their longer life. Our new specialty products are processed precisely by our talented professionals who make use of quality material and advance techniques. Furthermore, our range of products may involve leveling agent, fixing agent, dispersing agent, cationic softener, dispersant, swelling agent, carrier agent, cross linking agent, non-ionic wetting agent, scouring agent, substantive softener, fixation accelerator etc.

Name of Compound Main Characteristics & Application
ARITEX SDW – A71 Detergent and wetting agent
ARITEX DWSA – 3E (Low Foam) Detergent and wetting agent
ARISOFT AS400 Low yellowing all – round softener flake
ARITEX AM – 100 3 in 1 Resin for Cat – whisker finishing
ARITEX A – 658 Anti – creasing agent
ARITEX AF – 1 Formaldehyde – free blue & green fixing agent
ARITEX AF – 3 Formaldehyde – free Red & Black fixing agent
ARITEX AW High Concentrated Nonionic Wetting
ARISOFT 6623 Hydrophilic silicone softener
ARISOFT 6643 Hydrophilic silicone softener
ARISOFT 8825 Hydrophilic silicone softener
AS06 – 80% Hydrophilic silicone softener
ARISOFT AS – 300 All – round softener flake
ARITEX WM – 100% Wetting agent for Mercerizing
ARISOFT A – 33 Non silicone hydrophilic paste softener
ARISOFT 6654+ Silicone Softener
ARISOFT FLAKE AV 120 Nonionic softener
ARISOFT 6671 Smoothing & Luster silicone softener
ARISOFT AC - 25 Silicone softener
ARISOFT A – 88 Self emulsified hydrophilic silicone softener
ARISOFT A – 66+ Silicone Softener
ARISOFT 66 D Super-soft Silicone Softener
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