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Construction Chemicals

Construction Chemicals are designed to contribute to quality as well as enhanced durability of construction activities undertaken and are made available under heads like plasticizers, concrete admixtures and waterproofing chemicals. These provide working as specialty products and find usage in structures for enhancing their life as well as provides for additional protection from environmental factors.

Further, these also support in minimizing need of cement and water needed during construction activities. These chemicals can be used in large-scale construction projects and also in construction activities involving special design and engineering support as per the specific process requirements. Some of the work areas these chemicals are used in include as surface treatment, waterproofing, concrete admixture, coating, sealer, grout, floor hardening and others.

Plasticizers Concrete Admixtures Waterproofing Chemicals



PRODUCT NAME : ARI PLAST 100 Liquid Plasticizer for concrete with built-in biocides. Conforms ASTM C 494 type A or type D.
DESCRIPTION : Used in concrete construction for improvement in workability and / or water reduction. At higher dosages, Ari Plast 100 acts as a water reducing and retarding admixture according to ASTM C4949, type D.
ADVANTAGES : Improved workability. Lowers water : cement ratio. Improves compressive strength. Saving in cement.
CONSUMPTION/COVERAGE : Dosed between 0.3% and 0.5% by weight of cement. The dosage can be increased up to 0.6% in order to extend workability time at higher temperatures.
APPLICATION METHOD : Dosed into the mixing water.


PRODUCT NAME : ARI PLAST 200 Brown liquid plasticizer and water reducing admixture for concrete conforming to ASTM C494, type A or type D.
DESCRIPTION : Ari Plast 200 is used to improve the workability of concrete or to reduce the water / cement ratio in order to improve hardened concrete properties. It also acts as a water reducing and retarding admixture at higher dosages.
ADVANTAGES : Liquid admixture ensures homogeneous mixing. Improves workability. Increases strength. Reduces water /cement ratio. Low dosage thus economical.
CONSUMPTION/COVERAGE : Dosed between 0.2% and 0.3% by weight of cement. Dosed at 0.5% at higher temperatures.
APPLICATION METHOD : Dosed into the mixing Water.


PRODUCT NAME : ARI PLAST 100 R Retarding Plasticizer.
DESCRIPTION : Ari Plast 100 R is a liquid retarding plasticizer. It disperses instantly in the mixing water and form a film on the cement particles. It is a highly effective set retarder.
ADVANTAGES : Improves concrete workability. Retards concrete setting. More time is available between continuous pours. Avoids cold joints.
CONSUMPTION/COVERAGE : Dosed between 0.3% and 0.6% by weight of cement.
APPLICATION METHOD : It is dosed in the mixing water which is then added into the mix subsequently.


PRODUCT NAME : ARI PLAST M Liquid Mortar Plasticizer.
DESCRIPTION : Ari Plast M is used to improve the workability of cement mortar and prevent shrinkage cracks. Since the flowability of mortar increases, labour productivity increases saving costs.
ADVANTAGES : Increases mortar workability. Lowers rebound losses. Prevents shrinkage cracks. Versatile product, multiple uses. Improves adhesion and durability of the plaster.
CONSUMPTION/COVERAGE : Dosed between 0.3% and 0.4% by weight of cement.
APPLICATION METHOD : Dosed into the mixing water.


PRODUCT NAME : ARI SUPLAST TB 101 S Synthetic, brown colour liquid superplasticizer for concrete conforming to IS 9103 - 1999 and ASTM C494 type G specifications.
DESCRIPTION : ARI Suplast TB 101 S is formulated form sulphonated naphthalene formaldehyde and selected water soluble co-polymers. Suitable for use in structural as well as under water concrete mixes for beams, slabs, columns, stair cases, etc., where addition of Ari Suplast TB 101S enables the concrete to flow through the dense reinforcement.
ADVANTAGES : Increases workability of mix. Saves cement. Produces cohesive mixes. Compatible with all cements. Lowers permeability of concrete. Increases durability of concrete. Reduces segregation / Bleeding. Increases slump retention for longer transit period.
CONSUMPTION/COVERAGE : Dosed between 0.5% and 2.4% by weight of cement. In extreme climate, dosage can also be further increased upto 3.50% by weight of cement.
APPLICATION METHOD : To be mixed with dosing water.


PRODUCT NAME : ARI SUPLAST TB 101 A high range water reducing superplasticizer with slump retaining effect manufactured to comply to ASTM C 494 A,B,D and G specifications.
DESCRIPTION : Ari Suplast TB 101 shows a strong plasticizing effect and improves the properties of concrete considerably. Reduction of the cement content can be achieved in order to economize the concrete mix. Good pumpability is achieved on using Ari Suplast TB 101.
ADVANTAGES : Prolongs concrete setting time. Enables achievement of higher strength in concrete. Improves slump retention. Improves workability. Compatibility with all cements. Enables good compatibility.
CONSUMPTION/COVERAGE : It can be dosed between 0.3% and 1.8% by weight of cement. At extremely high temperatures, the dosage can be further increased to 3.0 by weight of cement.
APPLICATION METHOD : To be mixed with dosing water. However, site trials can be conducted.


PRODUCT NAME : ARI SUPLAST TB 101 R A high range water reducing and retarding admixture.
DESCRIPTION : Ari Suplast TB 101 R incorporates a retarder. Addition of the product delays the setting time of concrete to be transported without loss of it's initial properties.
ADVANTAGES : Prolongs concrete setting time. Improves workability of the concrete. Slump is maintained for long periods. Produces a good, cohesive mix. Works effectively in hot climate. Enables good compactibility.
CONSUMPTION/COVERAGE : It can be dosed between 0.3% and 1.8% by weight of cement used to make the concrete flowable.
APPLICATION METHOD : Added seperately to the mix after addition of mixing water. Trial mix is advised to arrive at the optimum dosage.

Ari Superment L 10 Plasticizer

PRODUCT NAME : ARI SUPERMENT L 10 A high range water-reducing superplasticizer with manifold uses. Complies to ASTM C494 type A & F, ASTM C1017 type 1, BS 5075.
DESCRIPTION : Ari Superment L 10 is absorbed on the surface of the binding agents and fine particles, where it forms a lubricating film, thus reducing the inner friction of the heterogeneous fresh mix. Ari Superment L10 has a strong dispersing effect and the binding agents are thus better utilised.
ADVANTAGES : Plasticizing without segregation. Reduced pouring time. Less vibration required. Improves pumpability. Closes textured finish. Concrete achieves very high early strength. Reduced demoulding time.
CONSUMPTION/COVERAGE : Dosed between 0.5% and 1.0% for improvement of consistency. Between 0.75% and 1.5% for increase in early and final strength. Between 1.5% and 2.5% simultaneously improves consistency and strength.
APPLICATION METHOD : Dosed into the concrete preferably towards the end of the mixing process. It can also be added to the mixing water.

Concrete Admixtures


PRODUCT NAME : ARI BLOCKAID Additive for cement concrete blocks.
DESCRIPTION : Improves the workability and compaction characteristics of cement mixes used for manufacturing blocks. Better cohesion of the cement aggregate mix leads to improved workability and achievement of higher strength.
ADVANTAGES : Increases strength of blocks. Cement saving without adverse effects. Improved workability. Increased green strength. Better surface increases of about 15%. Prevents shrinkage cracks.
CONSUMPTION/COVERAGE : Ari Blockaid is used at the rate of 250 ml per 50 kgs of cement.
APPLICATION METHOD : Dosed into the mixing water.


PRODUCT NAME : ARI BONDAID Polymer for binding new concrete to old concrete.
DESCRIPTION : Ari Bondaid has excellent bonding properties for binding new concrete to old concrete, old concrete to old concrete and new concrete to new concrete.
ADVANTAGES : Easy to apply. Adhesion to wood, glass,steel and most substrates. Forms a water tight bond. Low consumption.
CONSUMPTION/COVERAGE : Normally 40 ft.² area is covered by the mixture of 1 part Ari Bondaid and 1 part of OPC.
APPLICATION METHOD : Brush applied or trowel applied.


PRODUCT NAME : ARI RUSCON Rust converter for use on structures and re-bar prior to repair.
DESCRIPTION : Ari Ruscon is a chemical solution, which reacts with rust and converts the same into an insoluble grayish black coating. This coating protects the metal from further rusting and provides a base for application of protective paint coating.
ADVANTAGES : Ready-to-use product. Very economical. Converts rust immediately into a protective coating. Anti-Corrosive properties of conversion coating.
CONSUMPTION/COVERAGE : Covers approximately 15 to 18 M² area in 1 lt.
APPLICATION METHOD : Ari Ruscon can be applied by brush or spray method.


PRODUCT NAME : ARIOXY MORTAR Eproxy based mortar.
DESCRIPTION : Eproxy based mortars are versatile and used for many applications like lining, flooring, acid-resistant tile fixing, and for filling joints.
ADVANTAGES : Excellent chemical resistance. Excellent bonding with concrete and masonry substrates. Excellent water resistance. Ease of application. Fast curing, Excellent mechanical resistance. Low shrinkage.
CONSUMPTION/COVERAGE : Approx 2 kg of mix per mm thickness per m² for system I and II Approx 1.8 kg of mix per mm thickness per m² for system III.


PRODUCT NAME : ARI MRA 1 Mould releasing Agent with built in corrosion inhibitor for steel shuttering and formwork.
DESCRIPTION : Manufactured from refined speciality oils and blended additives, the product forms a water-resistant chemical barrier with the alkalies in concrete. Useful for use on all kinds of formwork.
ADVANTAGES : Smooth release of formwork. Excellent concrete surface texture. In -built corrosion inhibitor leads to increased life of formwork. Increases productivity in plants. Easy to use.
APPLICATION METHOD : Applied by brush roller or sprayed on the formwork. It has to be applied as is without any dilution.


PRODUCT NAME : ARI MRA 2 Concentrated Mould Release Agent to be diluted with water.
DESCRIPTION : Ari Mra 2 is a concentrated mould release agent. Smooth demoulding of concrete provides many advantages in the concrete work practice. The product is specially designed so as to offer such advantages and prolong the life of shuttering.
ADVANTAGES : Very economical to use. Dilutable with water - no need for diesel oil. Cleanly releases formwork. Provides excellent surface texture to concrete. Easy to use.
CONSUMPTION/COVERAGE : Add 10 - 15 litres of water to 1 litre of the concentrated Ari MRA 2 solution. Each litre of ready to use product ( mixed 1:15) will cover an area of about 1600ft².
APPLICATION METHOD : It can be applied either by brush, roller or by spray.

Ari Mra 3 Concentrated Solution

PRODUCT NAME : ARI MRA 3 Concerated solution for removal of "stuck on" concrete from metal formwork.
DESCRIPTION : Ari Mra 3 is a concentrated solution made for use on metal formwork used by the construction industry. It is a clear brownish liquid meant for quick removal of "stuck on" old concrete.
ADVANTAGES : Quickly acts on "stuck on" concrete. Dissolves the concrete saving on manual labour. Restores original smooth finish to the formwork. Does not damage/dent the formwork. Can be used repeatedly until it losses effectiveness. Double action removes concrete and rust form forms.
CONSUMPTION/COVERAGE : 1 part of Ari MRA 3 to be added to 1 part pf clean water.
APPLICATION METHOD : Forms can be soaked for 2-3 hours in a tank containing the bath. Alternatively, it can be repeatedly applied by brush on the formwork, without dilution, so as to keep the surface wet for atleast 2-3 hours.


PRODUCT NAME : ARI SUPERSHOT Admixture for dry mix shotcreting and Gunting.
DESCRIPTION : Ari Supershot is a synthetic smoke grey admixture in powder form. When the dry concrete mix containing Ari Supershot comes in contact with water at the gun nozzle, it instantly acts and dispersed cement particles thoroughly to produce cohesive shotcrete which can be sprayed evenly on any surface.
ADVANTAGES : Increases workability even with low water / cement ratio. Produces cohesive mix. Reduces rebound losses by 20% Plasticising action enables reduction of Water : Powder ratio, increasing final strength.
CONSUMPTION/COVERAGE : It is mixed at the rate of 1-2 % of cement weight.
APPLICATION METHOD : Ari supershot is to be added directly into the dry mix.


PRODUCT NAME : ARI QUICKSET An accelerator for wet mix shotcreting.
DESCRIPTION : Ari quickset, with its unique TRIPLE ACTION formula considerably accelerates setting, increases workability at low W/C ratios and improves shotcrete cohesion to the surface. It is free from chlorides and is compatible with all shotcrete mix designs in any part of the country.
ADVANTAGES : Acclerates Setting. Reduces rebound losses. Improves cohesion. Time saving and economical.
CONSUMPTION/COVERAGE : Dosed between 8% to 10% by weight of cement directly at shotcreting water pump.
APPLICATION METHOD : Added into water, or introduced at the shotcreting water pump.


PRODUCT NAME : ARI TILEAID The fixing adhesive
DESCRIPTION : Ari TileAid is specially formulated for fixing tiles to surfaces that may be subjected to extreme weather conditions. Tiles fixed by using this product do not sag. Tiles also do not crack due to uncontrolled shrinkage caused when conventional neat cement pastes were used.
ADVANTAGES : Easy to apply. Tiles do not require pre-soaking. Non- Shrink property. Adaptability to new tiling techniques.
CONSUMPTION/COVERAGE : 4. Kg of Ari TileAid will cover about 1 sq. m. when applied in 3mm thickness.
APPLICATION METHOD : Water @ 250 ml per kg. of Ari TileAid is to mixed with a trowel to obtain a uniform thick consistency. Application can be directly to surface or the back of the tile. Presoaking tiles is not necessary.

Waterproofing Chemicals


PRODUCT NAME : ARI IWC Integral water proofing compound in liquid form for addition to concrete and cement mortars.
DESCRIPTION : When added to the mix, it spreads over the cement surface area, disperses the cement particles and reduces the permeability, thus increasing the water proofing effect many folds.
ADVANTAGES : Liquid compound preffered over powder or pasty products. Produces cohesive mixes, Reduces water bleeding. Low dosage required. Improves owrkability of the mix. Waterproofs concrete as well as cement plastering.
CONSUMPTION/COVERAGE: 150 ml per 50 kg bag of cement.
APPLICATION METHOD : Added directly into mixing water.


PRODUCT NAME : ARI PWC Polymer modified cement based waterproof coating.
DESCRIPTION : The latest polymeric compound made from selected synthetic copolymers. Ari PWC has multiple applications. It forms a tough waterproof barrier coating on the substrate it is applied on. It can be used for waterproofing chemicals underground structures, water retaining structures, slabs, sanitation blocks, etc. It is very useful for surface coating of masonry. Brick steel and wood, for fixing ceramic files, joint filling, crack repair floor screeding and porous surface sealing.
ADVANTAGES : Excellent bonding property to mortars, concrete, brickwork, wood, glass, aluminium and steel. Improves flexural and tensile strength and thin section fragility of cementious system. Reduces chloride / salt penetration in marine environment. Self curing. Increases durability of concrete.
CONSUMPTION/COVERAGE : 1 part of Ari PWC is mixed with 1- 1.5 parts of OPC. 1 kg of Ari PWC approximately gives average coverage of 35 square feet after mixing with cement.
APPLICATION METHOD : 2 coats of mixed product to be brush applied/painted or sprayed on the surface.

Plasticizers Concrete Admixtures Waterproofing Chemicals

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